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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Please use the navigation section at the top of the page to browse the available content and enjoy! If you experience any problems with the website or any files, please use the contact page to let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue.

about me

A picture of Chris standing on the patio behind his house.

My name is Christopher. I am a 22 year old totally blind guy who loves tinkering with all kinds of computer tech and reading primarily fantasy books. If I had to describe my personality, I'd have to say I'm an overall even-tempered individual. I started this website to have a central place to share the various pieces of content I've created over the years. Also, I think it's just plain cool to have a website!

I realize that this website may not be very visually appealing, but I hope you will still enjoy your visit. If you have any suggestions for improving the appearance of the website, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to implement your suggestions. Keep in mind this website is currently managed by me, so I won't be able to do incredibly fancy things as I lack both the technical coding knowledge or motivation. Also, most drag and drop tools for building complex websites do not work very well for a blind person, so everything has to be done manually. I'm still learning about building web content, so who knows what will happen in the future. For now, it's fantastic I launched the site and set up everything on my own.