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Available Servers

This page lists the various servers I have running and provides details on how to connect to them. Most of these servers are designed for playing multiplayer audio games, so please check the Games section of the website for more information if you don't know what audio games are. I have organized these servers by categories. Game related content and other categories are located at heading level 3, while the individual items are at level 4.

Game Servers

The Road to Rage

The Road to Rage is an online first person shooter game in the style of Call of Duty and other mainstream FPS titles. Players connect to a server and run around a map collecting tiems and killing each other.

In order to connect, use the address and 6789 for the port. No account or other login information is required to play, just connect and have fun.

Visit the official Road to Rage page to learn more and download the game.

Sound RTS

Sound RTS is an audio real time strategy game similar to World of Warcraft. You must build up your army and completely destroy the enemy by eliminating all their units and buildings. The game has an offline mode where you can play with the computer, as well as an online mode where you can battle other humans. Please note that the server I am hosting requires version 1.2 Continuous 12 as of this writing. You may connect by choosing Chris from the server list from within the game or manaully typing into the connection dialog.

Download the latest Sound RTS Continuous version. View the Sound RTS Development Log Visit the main Sound RTS website.

Three-D Velocity

This is a fighter jet simulation game that includes an online mode where you can battle other humans in real time. If you wish to connect to my server, type into the server address box after selecting multiplayer game from the main menu.

Visit the Three-D Velocity Github page.

Crazy Party

Crazy Party is a combination of several games. There is a battle mode where you battle with cards which is very similar to Pokemon. There is also another mode where you complete little challenges called minigames that involve exploring worlds, escaping from enemies, etc. These minigames last between 1 to 3 minutes.

The best part of this game is the online aspect. Players can connect to each other and play battles or minigame sessions. I am hosting a private server for players to connect to. The server address is and the port is 2500. Please type this information into the boxes after selecting the connect to a private server option.

Visit the Crazy Party English page.

Scrolling Battles, Your World

Despite the somewhat misleading name, this is a game where you build 2-D sidescrolling maps. The game requires an active INternet connection to play. Players can build maps and allow others to explore them in real time. There is no combat in this game, just exploration and creativity.

To connect to my copy of the server, select Chris from the server list or connect manually under the preferences menu using for the address and 19898 for the port. You will need to create an account if you are a new player.

Visit the download page for Scrolling Battles, Your World.

Miscelaneous Servers

NVDA Remote

NVDA Remote is a tool that allows a user of the NVDA screen reader to either control another Windows system or allow the user's system to be controlled. I am hosting an NVDA Remote server that allows any number of parties to connect to each toher for remote control sessions without the need to open ports or configure other advanced networking settings.

To connect, use for the host address.

Visit the NVDA Remote website.


TeamTalk is an online chat system similar to Skype. TeamTalk allows users to create servers that can be customized to very specific requirements. Think of a TeamTalk server as a conference building where people can join or leave at will. The server remains active, so there is no need to call someone. You can connect and immediately start talking.

To connect to my server, use as the address and 10333 for both TCP and UDP ports. Leave the username and password fields blank and choose the connect button. Anyone is welcome as long as they are civil and can respect others.

Visit the TeamTalk website.